My dream kitchen

So we’re in the midst of planning our kitchen/bathroom remodel. 


When we moved in I was convinced our kitchen was TOTALLY FINE and we wouldn’t need to update it for years, despite the fact that it is from the 1950’s, the appliances are from the 1980’s, and the floor was installed at an incomprehensible angle.  


But then I really, REALLY got sick of not having a bathroom downstairs.  We planned to add one when we moved in and never got around to it.  And the only place we could put one was in our little breakfast nook, off the kitchen. 


And I wanted to keep some semblance of a casual eating place.  


And we might need to bust a few holes in the kitchen walls for the bathroom plumbing. 


And the paint on our cabinets is coming off in sheets. 


So a kitchen/bathroom remodel it is.  I can’t say I’m not excited about it.  M doesn’t want to talk about it (except to veto any of my ideas), so I turn to the Internet for help and guidance. 


One thing that M and I have certainly agreed on is that we want the kitchen and bathroom to feel like they have “always been here” in our 1929 center hall colonial.  I have some friends in town who have similarly old homes, and they’ve added an extension to the back of the house to make this huge, gorgeous, open, modern kitchen (seriously, I know of 3 families that have done this).  And the kitchens are all amazing, but they don’t fit the character of the house at all.  We want our kitchen to feel like part of the home. 


So trying to make a modern kitchen feel like it’s from the 1920s has led us to these conclusions: 

– natural materials (stone, wood, metal)

– white shaker cabinets

– butcher block countertops

– open shelving above


I’ve been looking all over the Internet for inspiration, and tonight I found my kitchen.  And the best part is that they, too, wanted their kitchen to look like it was part of their 1920’s house.  In fact, when someone asked when they were going to update their kitchen, they took it as a compliment.  And that’s what I want, too.  Old(looking), but nice.  And, obviously, appliances that aren’t from the 1980’s. 



My dream kitchen. So simple.