I go by Anna here.  My husband goes by M.  Our daughter goes by “Clementine,” because it’s a cute-enough name for a blog, but too cute for real life (though there was a Clementine in my not-too-distant family tree, and I assume she was adorable based on her name).  And this kid loves clementines.  She’s two and a half.

M and I lived in Manhattan and Brooklyn for about 10 years before we moved to a town in NJ I like to refer to as “West Brooklyn,” because there are so many ex-Brooklynites here.  Our house is blue, up on a hill, and was neglected for quite a while.  We’re in the process of giving it a big, expensive hug.   Hopefully nothing will actually blow up in the process.  Oh my god.

I freaking love the suburbs.



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